Wolf Spider: Black and hairy with a white dot – likes moisture.

Brown Recluse: Small and brown with black “violin” mark on abdomen. Likes warm, dry places like clothes and furniture. The bite will appear swollen, red and grown daily if not treated. Venom will destroy muscle tussle and immediate attention to antibiotics is needed.

Dust of House Spiders: Small, light dusty colored spider. Likes corners of homes and are harmless.

Black Widow: (Vary rare in Ohio) Black, hairless spider with a round body and has a red “violin” marking on abdomen. The bite is extremely painful and needs emergency attention.

Treatment: Bug-A-Boo uses a residual products to eliminate spiders. We treat baseboards, corners, ceilings, under skins, basements and the entire outside.


  • Cover fish tanks, bird cages and reptiles with cloth.
  • Recommend small children and pets be away while treatment is in progress.
  • Chemical has no order.
  • Chemical does not stain.