Bed Bugs are a small, brownish-red oval bug the size and shape of an apple seed. They cannot fly, but they maneuver rather quickly and typically hide during the day in cracks and crevices. Bed Bugs are attracted to body heat and breath (CO2) and feed on blood – preferably human, but they will feed on pets.

Female bed bugs lay up to 12 eggs per day, which hatch in 6 to 17 days. It take approximately 21 days for a bed bug to become a full fledged adult and they can live up to 18 months.

Bed Bugs do not carry disease, but they do cause adverse health effects, including skin rashes, psychological issue, and allergic symptoms. They are not caused by poor housekeeping, rather from migrating on household items of other infested humans; such as furniture, clothing, luggage or human bodies.

What are the signs of bed bug infestation?

  • Multiple red bites – usually in groups or rows – appear on human skin
  • Black fecal spots on sheets, mattresses or furniture
  • Blood spots on sheets from crushed bugs
  • Shed skins

How did I get Bed Bugs?

  • Bed bugs are great hitchhikers – they migrate in luggage, clothes, furniture, backpacks, purses, shoes, walkers, wheelchairs, curtains, etc.
  • Bed bugs can be brought in by guests or can hitchhike on you when you are out somewhere.
  • They are found in apartments, theaters, hotels, motels, homes, libraries, schools, retail stores, offices, etc.

Why are they here?

  • A resurgence due to more international travel
  • Housing with high tenant turnover
  • Pesticide use has changed due to government bans
  • Resistance to insecticides

What can I do?

  • Contact Bug-A-Boo to schedule an inspection
  • Place active bed bug traps in rooms (Available in our office)
  • Remove clutter and stored items that harbor bed bugs
  • Launder clothes, curtains, bed sheets, etc. in high heat for 30 minutes
  • Encase mattress and box springs in zipper covers

What not to do!

  • Do not use “Bombs”! These do not kill, only scatter bed bugs.
  • Do not use over-the-counter pesticides without consultation of a professional
  • “Natural” chemicals do not work!
  • Do not use alcohol. It does kill on contact, but it has no residual results

Bug-A-Boo Treatment for Bed Bugs:

  • We use residual products lasting 3 months.
  • We treat the infestation multiple times.
  • We offer preventable treatment measures to help prevent re-infestation.
  • 60-day warranty
  • Follow up prevention services are also available after an initial treatment
  • No long-term contracts
  • Priced reasonably

Bed Bug Low Preparation List:

  • Remove all clutter on the floors
  • Remove all bedding and pillow covers from the bed, including bed skirts. Launder on high heat.
  • Protect treated mattress and box springs after treatment with plastic zippered mattress protectors. This is very important to eliminate bed bugs from infesting inside or continually coming out from the mattress and box springs. (Only do so after beds are treated).
  • Fish tanks must be covered and /or unplugged. All pets and people must vacate during application of treatment to allow for drying time.
  • Do not apply alcohol or any chemical after professional treatment. This may affect the treatment and render the products used non-effective.

Please note: It is imperative that the above preparations be done to ensure elimination of bed bugs. Without prep work done, total elimination may not be achieved.

If prior over-the-counter products have been used, it may take longer to rid bed bug infestations.

The days following treatment, you may see and increased number of bed bugs. This is normal and necessary to rid the population. Follow-up appointment is done two weeks after treatment.