Earwigs: 1/2 inch to 1 inch long. Reddish-brown with pinchers on its rear. Eats plants. Likes anywhere it can stay moist and dark, trees. Flower pots, between garden hose, ender siding, etc.

Sowbugs: 1/2 inch long. Black in color and looks like an armadillo. Like moist areas.

Millipedes: 1/2 inch long black worms and curl up when dead or touched. They come in around moist areas, such as porches, basements or flower beds outside. They live under mulch or dirt – anywhere wet.

Centipedes: Red, 1/2 inch to 2 inches long with lots of legs. Live under same conditions as millipedes – in moist areas.

Bug-A-Boo treats areas around baseboards in the home and under sinks, basements and outside the perimeter.


  • Small Children and pets must be away from the area during treatment.
  • Fish, birds and reptiles must be covered.
  • Products used for treatment leave no order.
  • Products used for treatment do not stain.